by Charles Michie

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autumn 2012, 15y


released June 1, 2012

last track written by Isaac Brock



all rights reserved


Charles Michie New York, New York

mixed up
late at night
and into
the morning

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Track Name: Joy (Adrenaline; Dopamine)
it was like we were conductors and a current passed through electrifying the dampened mind the whole thing was a countdown to a set departure time and as I tried harder to relish the moment and as I tried to figure out just what it was that gave me such a sense of enlightenment it slipped away / I walk on and pick up and hit faster and faster as the others do I jump in the air as things get louder I let out this build up with screams and a fluttering persists within me my grin is wild I think about the fluttering and it flutters away shrinking the grin down to a light curl at the cheek had it even been there it seems impossible / tightly gripping and pushing muscles invisibly creating elevation from the cold seat the mind wanders searching for the image that had been used previously knowing well it would only work for seconds more a shocking sense of closeness to a different feeling was the best feeling that same sense of lightness and fluttering but in a different place the mind starts to look closer at the feeling until a tightness sets in followed by a shift and a shiver gone / after the gray landscape and white shelter that is travel we go to the only color that occupies anything where excitement pounds the hearts of the dull best of these experiences I try to let my tastebuds connect with the flavors and I attempt to have my deeper perception feel out through my tongue what has caused such a stir I can't taste anything every bite becomes a shadow

oh joy
I never should have tried to make you my toy
oh joy
just an empty use of chemicals in my brain
oh joy
I never should have tried to figure you out
oh joy
I've figured out that you do not remain

you say it hurts when he pulls your hair
atleast you know the feeling's there
Track Name: Light Streams and Dog Dreams
the things that he senses are the esscence of childhood
but they are found on a body that's full grown
and through it they pump the dispositions of nature
it's something that he will have never known

it's like a gleaming spot of fluttering colors
projected onto the stone brick wall
when the sky is white it takes me back
to a dream I had in a past life
where the black metal shuffler
turns the scene gray as a whole

we go to this park when it turns dark for the cold
where the introspective orange lights meet the river's stronghold
the dazzling array
turns the onlookers' minds astray
somehow they see the same dreams as me
when they turn away

somehow they see the same dreams as me
when they turn away

for me it's reminiscent of a log lost tone
for him it must be the last scenes before he left home
so when we come to this point our reels match up and sense join
that the others feel it too is where the spark gets blown
Track Name: White Bikes
too many white bikes
on the side of the street
leftover from lost illegal
and it's never equal
the paint on the older ones
has started to fade
along with the portraits
of forgotten people

kept alive
with a shrine
that friends
never find the time to fix
you will see how short a time it takes

the bouquet of flowers
is beginning to wilt
rust is showing through
what's left of the hue
it no longer seems
at all angelic
it has sunk into itself
heaping cold metallic

white bikes
on my street
the van passed by
before it honked at me
because he was going the right speed
Track Name: Woodgrain [Bonus Track]
you've got woodgrain, i've got nothin
you've got the water comin outta your head
find somethinta do and we'll share our issues
find somethinta do when we're always dead