Something Other

by Charles Michie

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recorded in summer of 2014, 16-17y


released August 15, 2015

Charles - Sounds and Mixing
Aidan Engel-Bradley - Mastering



all rights reserved


Charles Michie New York, New York

mixed up
late at night
and into
the morning

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Track Name: Space Dust
we are all terrible failures
intellect, idealized body
social ability
they look into eachother’s mirrors
and pretend to see themselves
no wonder they made a place like hell
all the theories on life that they tell
that they say will make you well

but all of it’s space dust
the rocks and stones
the bark and the branches
the flesh and bones
consciousness found only
on the face of the earth
consistently overstating its own worth
the worth of anything the idea to assign
the difference between
a book and a giant ball of gas
it was the same floating shit in the past

and it just makes me happy
knowing no one needs to be happy
to be anything
the world counts on its fingers
nothing we do ever lingers
until we hold on

there’s a hot molten center
in place of your brain
a thick mass of fiery conflicts
that aides your gravitational pull
and i’m drawn to your crust
through your atmosphere
but I can’t stand when it rains
you cling to the genesis too much
try so hard to be paradise’s bitch
when your wastelands do just fine
Track Name: Triptych / Daylight
breathing from a paper bag at a rusting horse citadel
it was biological and chemical and beautiful
everybody’s dissapearing from the visual
and I’ll collapse and maybe chew another cuticle
hey i’m feeling supercalifragilistic
hey don’t be so expialidocious
hey cause your as worried as a triptych
that I’m really blowing out into the ocean

peel back pretty happy rinds
expose me blackened blood
the waste of all their signs from above
promises of heaven are enough it has to be
just the golden mist of his mind
escaped out with the heat

to the trash stacks of land fill land
felt the bad touch of rotting hands
to the skin, killed the last of the gin now
with the dead and the cemetary black sand
welcome to, welcome to your new home
welcome to, welcome to your new home
slumber now under rooves of blue stone
lullabies of power line drone

where is the bell at the top of your steeple
what did it do for you, something true
or just something new
Track Name: Amygdalia / Fireflies
born and raised on thrashing bones
a little storm is a lot to take home
wind and rain all feel the same
just waiting for some eclipse to be shown

don’t go searching you will find it
they will come when the time hits
crystal tower boats will be
in any place to see
to float over bad whet dreams

it won’t be the first you’ll ever know
it won’t be the last

cause in a while the ground will die
and show us up into a change of sky
outter space evaporates
into lightning bugs and fireflies
in a while the ground will die
and show us up into a change of sky
outter space evaporates
into you and i
Track Name: This is the Daze
there must have been a set amount
of times it’s gone around
stretching my capacities each time
twisting images forever
over and over and over and over
dreamiest state of bliss
i’d never felt before
floating through a window
of appreciating more
a swelling purple sore
healing to a warm cloth
which gets shockingly
painfully torn off

this is the daze
the dark is its warning
been trapped here for days
as the minutes are forming
and i’m aware
that the respite will pass
i’m sure i’ll be looking through glass
I see reflections
this is the daze
the dark is its warning
i’m breaking my fast
as I go into mourning
and i’m aware
that the respite will pass
the world seems
like a pane in my house
that I look through
Track Name: Living in Fields
the stained glass night will seep
into our stoney eyes
the stars will not let on
a morsel of their size

we have been dreaming in
a secret sleep for years
some place will bear that name
you chant too much to hear, here
Track Name: How Did I Get Here?
it won’t be long
until the walls are singing songs
paper-colored plaster singing songs
until the harbor skies of gray
are keeping you at bay
until the rotting miles of gray
are showing you the way

notice the weight in the air so great
relate to only your drywall self
not a level, just a shade of hell
you know this so well
sit through a silence, a dusk this dim
this thin is the mist on the seven days
god speaks to you
without ever meeting your gaze

displace this place
Track Name: Audio Remnants
something’s coming
beneath the stones and flies
a lethal drumming
fixed beyond its size
how’d it get here
where’s its mouth
drinks the rising tide
I see the love in my own eyes
the bone dry bodies
sub-responsive rave
never lesser
cavern in a cave
how’d it get here
why’s it dead
why do they call it brave
way down
roads we had to pave

make sure you are clear
to get on out of here
time has a thought now
and its so down
we go through the filth
looking for us still
locked in the distance

something’s coming
beneath the waves it cries
a stoned out circus
fixed upon its high
how’d it get here
where’s its mind
in the rising tide
way down
bones we have to hide
Track Name: Place and Time
looking straight into
the holes of your eyes
for a fleeting moment I can see
whatever’s left inside
the labarynth is burning
and I’d nowhere left to go
i’ll try to find the comfort
I know I used to know
the wide-eyed little kid
8mm view of the world
her still developing mind
with only backwards shadows
inside of photographs
to distort my relations
of place and time

the secret in this place
inaccessible to most
we created sacred histories
and left behind a ghost
our words and endless rows of lights
seemed like forever more
journeying through past delights
for futures to look foreward to
but it’s happening right now
all of this is happening right now
let the scratchy picture
fade into your screens
and know that it will all be there
the next time that you dream
Track Name: Vision for Sinners
wandering through paradise at midnight
transcendence in the trees outside of
banished embassies I’ll breathe the
salty river breeze if it blows right
the red light of the exit sign
it took me back down through my mind
a rough vision for sinners round the edges
that harsh infernal glare always raises up my hair
but alteration isn’t evil if I don’t like
I could be the boy that discovered it
with a notoriously passionate love of it
it’s just a foreign body in my blood stream
elements attaching to the machine
acting as receptors for the strange scenes
that don’t have to mean anything
although they could mean many things

because the light is gray
and in these late hours
it just becomes a darker shade
for the life in gray
and on his tombstone
this is what he will engrave
that the light is gray
why is everybody so afraid

thank god for the moon
for something other in the universe to turn to
for all the spiritual dissonance it cuts through
the inferno that it freezes with its cool blue
Track Name: Sycamore
Track Name: Pass
passing through serenity
floating like a figment blown about
into a place of misery, or liberty
last thing that’s on my mind today
is joining all the solids of the earth
i want to be reborn astray

lovely little lake of looming light
i see you drip your drugs and drink
your drapery in flight
the flow of fleeting flavors oh
the flooded freeze
they’ll never see you with me
that’s not how you are

pass into the glimmer mine
beating of the heart instead of feet
my blood is of a different kind
look into my camera eyes
and know that I am not a living soul
i’ve nothing to materialize