Meaning Drifts

by Charles Michie

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recorded in summer, 2012, 14y


released July 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Charles Michie New York, New York

mixed up
late at night
and into
the morning

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Track Name: All of These Mutations
god is up and out again
must have been the thousandth time
on my upbringing depicting truth
yelling at myself in the mirror
product of the world's mistakes
written down for future takes
criticize the undertow
stars are watching from above
all of these mutations

evil devils in the air
of the people everywhere
can there be another way
do we join the past today?
evil devils in the air
children ar the devil's heir

feet are crushed into a stump
now all the girls wear heels to court
someday they'll log us in a book
I wanted nothing of the sort
the forces that protect themselves
nothing but a spreaded stain
disgusting is the rapist's curse
he us you just rearranged
all of these mutations
masturbating like an urchin
Track Name: Attachment Park
Track Name: Growths
intangible apparation
phase inside and lift things up
faded colors managerie
fades in streams of lunacy
run outside of body's bind
confused and so out of line

vibrant crimson life in death
misinformed on that process
embryonic back and forth
disfigured with such allure
in a trance it all makes sense
meaning drifts into the shore

in a premature state
with gills and tails on both
what are these things called girls
aren't they just other growths?
buldging out into
a standard form to all
how have you become so different?
Track Name: Starving
when you are fucked up
you want to stay fucked upto be different

aren't you the one
who can suck inside his dreams and aspirations

when you are fucked up
you want to be fucked up to stay different

aren't you the one
who can suck inside his stomach really far

oh yeah, that's me

I wouldn't mind dying for my starving individuality
a fatality of the pride
Track Name: Staring
staring stark into the void
of trying desperate to avoid
the things that will inevitably happen
hoping that the dam will break
and floods will come and overtake
the lives of those who never really had them

the feeling that you get
in the back of your head afterwards
that you knowyou'll never get again

in a heart there is some blood
and nowhere to be found is love
the first is all that really gets attention
everytime I close my eyes it's
'why'd you have to go and try'
like there's some sort of tangible intention

staring into beyond
how can you say we're alone?
then look down at the ground
everyone has gone home

look out into the sky
how can you say we're alone?
then look down at the ground
and yell in your flaneurial tone

this here will pass
pass it all around
just because it's sad doesn't make it profound

somehow we find
the time to be so lost
staring at the lamp post of serious revelation
with no revelation
Track Name: Lightning
discussions are turning into jargin
cheap ideas chosen from the mound
free thinkers have all the right
to regurgitate their words in spite
of how their thoughts have turned a lowly brown

progressive individuals together
revolution isn't anything new
when a woman from the biggest square
finds a circle within to share
she talks without the willingness to do

electric shocks are building blocks for tearing things apart
tearing that which could have been an art

one person's not better than the other
they are both so hateful and unjust
it only matters how recently
one has had the upper hand

ofcourse there's going to be some kind of caging
we have found the tools to buil the bars
and ofcourse there's going to be some opposition
Track Name: Aspring
the way that people happen
they try to get stuck
when legitimacy is fractioned
relativity rises up
as if there were laws

and everything seems right
here without a trace
if anyone were to see you
it would be a different place
because people try to make laws

but it's a lost cause
'cause who the fuck are they?

aspiring to be
apart of anything
because everyone somehow thinks
that things can be their own
when they've been around so long

obligation is
something we made up
where do you think you're going?
excuse me, look up
stop wandering around
just thought I heard a sound

choose the convulusion
don't throw your life away
but choose to be a martyr
if you can't find your way

aspiring to be
apart from anything
because everyone somehow thinks
that things can be their own
when they've been around so long
Track Name: Meech
he's mortified of the butterflies
knowing he's alive I don't care
and she wonders why everyone's so insane
and why they all call her a pain, is she there?

they're sold an the beach
for one hundred cents each
don't understand why he has to be
the other side (the mangled speech)

he's a friend of mice, aww now isn't that sweet
now you can't move in your seat, didn't know
catered to every whim, goal is to dispise him
not like he had a choice, wouldn't you choose it too?

is it a christmas tree
or a manorah or a kwanza log
probably not
what do you think what do you think
it's not what I think, not what I think

every year or so we cherish in history of hate
if we could only know how we must appear
one side is soft, the other's the same but it's not
wish you could just take a step back
but you can't
Track Name: Dwell
if you decide to stay sedentary
then they will find you and crowd you out
it seems they've always been there before
and this is just the shadow of their true existence
I can't really imagine the time
they seem eternally past their prime
maybe they're just from a different place

memory is a mismatched collection
of videoclips from different movies
when it gets dark things start to move
and I remember the words but the message eludes me
mixtapes sit as failed attempts
to capture the feelings of a different time
can't you just obsess over other songs?

it's so strange to be around these people
that dwell in silence for centuries
not having any recollection
they hold no standards as anyone could see
it's obvious that somethings's there
they cover gods like a luscious coat
and meaning drifts into a frequent mode

everything is seen, is felt
all of this has been before
thickening as you get close to the core
Track Name: Holy Shit
playfully despondant severed hand
dive from dam control into filth
we've grown up so much in a way
we don't go in the water anymore
and holy shit you're not here

holy shit you're actually not here
never needed anyone until now

the softened flesh evaporates this pond
clouds condense above to pick me up
we'll float along until there is a rain
then I'll become the darkness in the muck
and holy shit you're not here

save me from the burning of the reel
things are stopping way too fast
Track Name: Mischief Follows
Exodus 21:26