Deep Sea Gigantism

by Charles Michie

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2013, 15y


released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Charles Michie New York, New York

mixed up
late at night
and into
the morning

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Track Name: painted places
sweet new smell of different sea
washes over towering trees
through anxious houses never left
into motels made of logs

in through grass hills bleached in fog
passing by and losing sight
shiver cuts in through in-let
watch invertly turn to night

clouds lay down and are not seen
I go back, forget to dream
draw some wood and that is all
cannot take it as a whole

painted places only prove
dispite distance, you don’t move
the fruits that drop here never bruise
mist is not a point of view
in only blocks and takes a blurry picture of
what could be there
does not say where

leave in rain for crowded street
stay inside and have a seat
everything just seems so sad
smell of sea washed out with gas

eucalyptis takes its place
by the pump but out of reach
find bad jokes in dead-pan face
found way out and couldn’t preach
Track Name: artificial sense memory
another instance of sight and smell in sync
how glowing buildings breathing
early summer blossoms into the air
was me meeting all of my most amazing friends
I thought there was no way this could be pretend

but then waxy roses strongly fill my lungs
and it takes me to my country home
from two-hundred years ago
where I can find escape from mental slums
manufactured esscence of feeling as one

and in the cool of a mechanical fan I'm swaying in the breeze
and looking out the window into dark sky
closing my eyes to imagine i'm somewhere closer to
the actual caressing force of the churning sea

and in the wonder of beautiful notes i'm in harmony
tones sentamentalizing all thoughts through
the absence of a person in which i could bury myself
and find that sense of balance naturally
a greater longing to experience real reality
and that's all you can get from an artificial sense memory